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The Powerful Message of Teacher Leadership: “Help Me, Help You”

The Powerful Message of Teacher Leadership: “Help Me, Help You”.

In the spirit of teacher leadership.  Now’s the time.


Upcoming Climate Reality Sessions This Week

Hi Folks,

Please join me to learn about our changing climate and what we can do to help future generations and planet Earth cope with these changes.  Climate Reality Sessions last 60-75 minutes max.  On Tuesday, I’m at the Adirondack Folk School at 6:30PM. Thursday at Up Yonda Farm in Bolton Landing at 1:00PM, and Saturday at the ADK Loj in Lake Placid at 8:00PM.  See below for more details.



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The ocean is swallowing up Virginia so rapidly that its leaders are forgetting to bicker about climate change

For those who dislike government meddling in people’s affairs, doing nothing about climate change will only lead to more interventions. Let’s get the right people in office and address this growing problem.

The Capacities of Children Are Beyond Our Comprehension

Well, yesterday I heard on NPR about preschoolers solving gadget problems faster than college students. Really. Check it out.  And this morning my friend and colleague shared a charming example of kindergarten statistics and flow chart diagrams. Ah, the malleable and amazing child’s brain. I guess we should never underestimate what our young children can handle–be it abstract thinking of sigma six or common core state standards.  Peace.