It’s easy to overlook the simple things. Busy days and pressures of the holiday season can weigh on people, particularly as hours of daylight wane in the northern hemisphere with approach of the Winter Solstice. Against the backdrop of recent events, one can be forgiven for being cynical, melancholy, nostalgic, and feeling a sense of helplessness. And yet, there’s so much good in this world if we’re willing to look at things with fresh eyes.

A couple of years ago one of my Esteves School of Education ed leadership professors, Dr. Ann Myers, had my classmates and I watch a Star Thrower movie titled Celebrate What’s Right With the World. Narrated and featuring the photography of Dewitt Jones, the short video is one of the best inspirational messages I’ve ever watched. Through Jones’ lens, he asks us to see the possibilities, to use our energy to make things better, to push ourselves to be all we can be, to persevere and push through change efforts, and to work together and act with dignity and grace. My favorite quote Jones makes in the video goes, “By celebrating what’s right, we find the energy to fix what’s wrong.”

There are many, many things right with the world, and with that in mind, we can indeed find the energy to fix what’s wrong. Whether it be new gun control laws and greater attention to mental health services, or top-notch Student Learning Objectives and common core integrated instruction, the point is change is doable if we have the proper mindset.

If you need a pick-me-up this holiday season, check out Celebrate What’s Right With the World. Star Thrower offers a free preview, though I accessed the video through the university library. Whatever the case, enjoy the holiday season upon us. Be safe, healthy, and renewed.