The Powerful Message of Teacher Leadership: “Help Me, Help You”

The Powerful Message of Teacher Leadership: “Help Me, Help You”.

In the spirit of teacher leadership.  Now’s the time.

Upcoming Climate Reality Sessions This Week

Hi Folks,

Please join me to learn about our changing climate and what we can do to help future generations and planet Earth cope with these changes.  Climate Reality Sessions last 60-75 minutes max.  On Tuesday, I’m at the Adirondack Folk School at 6:30PM. Thursday at Up Yonda Farm in Bolton Landing at 1:00PM, and Saturday at the ADK Loj in Lake Placid at 8:00PM.  See below for more details.



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The ocean is swallowing up Virginia so rapidly that its leaders are forgetting to bicker about climate change

For those who dislike government meddling in people’s affairs, doing nothing about climate change will only lead to more interventions. Let’s get the right people in office and address this growing problem.

Originally posted on Quartz:

The usual US partisan divisions over climate change were absent today in the state of Virginia, where Republican and Democratic officials met to discuss what to do about the threat of rising sea levels to the state. The proposals include the launch of a climate-change task force, which Virginia’s Democratic governor will announce tomorrow. Christina DeConcini, government affairs director at the World Resources Institute, a research organization, told Quartz this is the first time to her knowledge that Republican leaders (very few of whom accept global warming is both real and man-made) and Democratic ones have come together to craft a policy on global warming.

That’s probably because Virginia is more vulnerable to storm-surge destruction than anywhere else on the US’s east coast. Problems are particularly acute in Norfolk, Virginia’s second-biggest city and home to the world’s largest naval base; sea levels there are now 14.5 inches (37 cm) higher than they were in 1930—so high that parts of Norfolk flood when…

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The Capacities of Children Are Beyond Our Comprehension

Well, yesterday I heard on NPR about preschoolers solving gadget problems faster than college students. Really. Check it out.  And this morning my friend and colleague shared a charming example of kindergarten statistics and flow chart diagrams. Ah, the malleable and amazing child’s brain. I guess we should never underestimate what our young children can handle–be it abstract thinking of sigma six or common core state standards.  Peace.

Climate change is the next market crash, says former Treasury secretary

Originally posted on Grist:

It’s not every day that a Republican finance guy — one who remembers George W. Bush as a “terrific boss” — writes an op-ed in The New York Times imploring the nation to set up a carbon tax. Not this year, anyway; just a few years ago, it might’ve been ho-hum.

Once, the carbon tax was the conservative, free-market solution to the climate problem, as opposed to the big-government, heavy-handed-regulation solution. Now that so many Republicans don’t accept that there is any climate problem at all, the whole idea just looks like another evil tax to them. And when a former Treasury secretary under the GOP flag steps forward to advocate it — to insist that we have no choice, we’re crazy not to act fast and act big — it’s news.

In June of 2006, Henry Paulson left a position as CEO of Goldman Sachs to become secretary of…

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Cultivating Teacher Leadership Through P-12 and Higher Education Partnerships

Partnerships matter. Partnerships empower people and organizations to do good work. They build trust and camaraderie, and expand opportunities for all participants. Partnerships are critically important to the success of any institute, particularly in an era of rapid change and scarce resources. For the past two years, SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury has partnered with neighboring school districts to promote teacher leadership. Over three hundred teachers, school leaders, and district administrators from Fort Ann Central School District, Cambridge Central School District, and Warrensburg Central School District have partnered with SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury to the benefit of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and higher ed faculty and staff.  See the following link and feel free to contact Stephen Danna with questions or for more information about how we’re working with school districts to grow teacher leadership in our schools.



National Board Certification Process is Revised

Great news! National Board has just announced changes to the certification process that will surely entice more candidates to pursue National Board Certification. In an era of growing need for instructional leadership (teacher leaders) and master teachers, these are welcome changes to what is truly the ultimate measure of teacher competency. Perhaps we will one day have a system of accountability that doesn’t rely on student test results but rather the far more intensive and valid measure of National Board Certification.  Check out the news release from NBPTS.